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As the health industry grows by leaps and bounds, the challenges also rise. One of the biggest challenges is to manage your relations with your patients and to ensure they get the best treatment on time.

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Benefits of CRM for Healthcare Organisations

CRM software enables healthcare providers to centralise and organise patient information, ensuring quick access to critical data.

Automated follow-up, and appointment reminders to patients

Secure work and patient data with cloud integration

Improved operational efficiency with better lead management

Hospital Management

  1. Payments management
  2. Team collaboration
  3. Lead management
  4. Social media integration
  5. Integration with pharmacy

The Only Client Management
Software For Clinics

General Practitioners

CRM can help general practitioners streamline patient management by centralising appointment scheduling, maintaining digital health records, and facilitating communication. It ensures efficient patient care, personalised follow-ups, and timely reminders for appointments and preventive screenings.

Fertility Clinics

A CRM aids in managing complex treatment cycles, tracking patient progress, and coordinating appointments. It facilitates seamless communication with patients, offers support during emotional highs and lows, and ensures that sensitive data is handled securely.


Ophthalmologists can benefit from CRM by efficiently managing patient appointments, maintaining detailed eye examination records, and sending regular reminders for follow-up visits. Ensuring timely interventions and personalised treatment plans.

Veterinary Clinics

In Veterinary Clinics, our CRM can help organise pet appointments, manage vaccination schedules, and track medical histories. Improve client communication and send reminders for pet health check-ups.

Physiotherapy Clinics

CRM aids physiotherapy clinics by streamlining patient sessions, treatment plans, and progress tracking. It can manage appointments, send exercise reminders, and maintain rehabilitation plans for individualised patient care.

Dental Clinics

Dental Clinics can utilise CRM for effective appointment scheduling, managing patient records, and sending automated reminders for dental check-ups. Enhance patient engagement, and support treatment planning.

Why Does Your
Clinic Need A CRM?

Acquire New Clients

Integrate seamlessly with your payment channels to collect application and other fees.

Better Manage Current Clients

With dedicated dashboards, on-demand reports and automated follow-ups enhance the patient experience.

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Helped improve my clinic’s efficiency by 10X

--- Dr. Raman Sharma

I am so happy with the CRM and the ongoing support from the backend team!

--- Dr. Lalit Tuli

Truly one of the world class CRM our clinic has ever used

--- Dr. Himanshu Danu

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